Stairway to heaven

Argentine short-story writer Jorge Luis Borges once said: "I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." But for 17-year-old Bai Yu, her imaginary heaven is a museum. Bai, who starting painting at age two, said she would visit museums and galleries while traveling, with each experience helping her to understand the … Continue reading Stairway to heaven

Packing heat

Sichuan cuisine has a reputation in Hong Kong for its throat-burning and sweaty dining experience. But some restaurants might surprise beginners who can't handle the spicy food but want to experience it. Compared with the famed spiciness of Chongqing-style food, the Chengdu cuisine served at Fu Rong in Harbour City is relatively gentle, with a … Continue reading Packing heat

Sexy numbers

Maxime Simoens' first collection since arriving at Paule Ka last year was something of a departure from the French brand's ladylike tailoring. Manhattan's endless avenues and never ending energy in the TV series Sex and the City inspired him while designing the spring/summer 2020 collection. While the brand's staple shift dresses and simple tailoring are … Continue reading Sexy numbers

Covid’s surprise boon to HK unis

Hong kong's universities may unwittingly reap some benefits from the Covid-19 outbreak in the days ahead. Despite the months-long social unrest last year that turned several campuses into battlegrounds, the epidemic abroad has encouraged mainland students, who form a large part of postgraduate programs, to apply to the city's universities. The impact of Covid-19 goes … Continue reading Covid’s surprise boon to HK unis

Building a clearer picture

How are covid-19 patients diagnosed? It's a process that involves several aspects: epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, hematological changes and chest imaging. Epidemiological history determines whether you have traveled to virus-affected locations, or have been in contact with someone infected. If a case is suspicious, then a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction test is performed. If the … Continue reading Building a clearer picture