Sense and sensuality

A volcanic sensuality underlies Chloe’s autumn/winter 19 collection.

Under the watchful eye of its new creative director Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the Chloe Girl scales mountains and seas as she navigates the volatile territory between love, passion, and commitment. She continues to keep the signature casual femininity of the fashion house, but gives a nod to the 1950s Parisian chic style via exquisite layering and patchwork.

Eye-catching prints are the main design, including vintage floral, houndstooth and mirrored C-monograms, giving a retro charm.

The retro style is also presented by delicately layered patchwork. A green dress is paired with a white organza cuffed blue knit top, and a patchwork dress is styled over a turtleneck sweater.

Materials such as crepe, velvet, jacquard, embossed silk and wool are matched with reddish-brown, jujube red and persimmon red tones. Hues of olive green, camel and denim blue are embellished to enhance the elegant style.

The new Aby handbag featuring the classic padlock and ribbon can also be used as a shoulder bag while the Annie leather shoulder bag with a chain clasp is simple but unique.

The jewelry is also diversified. In addition to the use of shells and baroque pearls, twisted bracelets and hammered aluminum necklaces are mixed and matched.

(This article was published at The Standard on September 20, 2019: Weekend Glitz: Sense and sensuality )

190920 Sense and sensuality

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