Express yourself

Dare to express your personality and embrace your authenticity – that is the message Marimekko, known for its arty prints, is sending in its pre-fall and fall/winter collections.

The new line carries the brand’s traditional design style, which is recreational, spontaneous and colorful. It creatively infuses Japanese elements, giving it a refreshing and energetic mood.

The pre-fall collection has vibrant pink and green as its main tones, pairing with two new prints. The most eye-catching piece is the Juhannus dress with its princess sleeves. The crinkly material allows the dress to hug the body, emphasizing the shape.

For the fall/winter collection, bright pink and red tones with calming black, white, soft beige and brown are used to achieve an overall aesthetic that combines Nordic minimalist style with Japanese kimono tailoring and prints.

One of the collection’s signature pieces is a reversible coat dress in the original Taivaankukat pattern, made with kimono tailoring. Its contemporary look goes well with the funky Ezelia ankle boots and oversized clutch bag.

Classic leather bags have been updated in trendy rectangular and round shapes with color-blocking drawing attention to the bright colors. Essential footwear this season is the color-blocking Ezelia ankle boots. The sleek leather uppers, in black or dark green, are contrasted against chunky red or pink heels.

(This article was published at The Standard on September 27, 2019: Weekend Glitz: Express yourself )

190927 Express yourself

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