Gender benders

Famous for its combination of unique tailoring and playful creativity, Maison Margiela’s autumn/winter 2019 Defile co-ed collection continues to bring surprises by breaking the gender barrier.

Cool black and gray take center stage as the tones of the new collection, echoing the seasonal atmosphere, while the nomadic cutting and classic fabric are cores of the design.

Giving the dull and chunky design some freshness, the season-favorite trench coat is paired with fashionable cape sleeves to bring a fresh look to the silhouette, while a gray herringbone coat is layered on top of a turtleneck knitted wool sweater and belted to add shape.

Tailoring has always been the French fashion house’s selling point and this season, it is experimenting with unusual cuts and fabrics.

An oversized dress with flamingo sequinned jacquard draws the eye, and black shorts are cut open and flattened to create the illusion of skirts.

For afficionados of the brand’s accessories, the eye-catching graffiti-theme collection, inspired by the brand’s 90s Graffiti Tabi Boots, is decorated with unusual street art.

Among the footwear on show this season are the maison’s signature Tabi boots, ballerinas and sneakers.

(This article was published at The Standard on November 22 2019: Weekend Glitz: Gender benders )

191122 Gender benders.jpg

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