Just the ticket!

Planning that trip for Chinese New Year? Why not start your journey with a satisfying meal at the Hong Kong International Airport?

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck continues to expand his global restaurant network by opening his first restaurant in Hong Kong, Wolfgang Puck Kitchen, at HKIA’s arrival hall.

“I have always been intrigued by the cultural and culinary diversity of Hong Kong. It is a very special city and I am excited about opening my restaurant here,” said Puck.

Morning flyers can start their day with a light breakfast, available from 6.30am to 11am. The kitchen offers avocado toast (HK$98) with egg, tomato vinaigrette, pickled onion and feta cheese, as well as smoked salmon hand-rolled American bagel (HK$118).

Wash down the most important meal of the day with a wide selection of beverages ranging from teas and coffees (from HK$35) to orange juice (HK$38) and kombuchas (HK$58).

For the rest of the day, Puck champions a California-inspired a la carte menu that presents a contemporary twist on comfort food from his adopted culinary home.

Before a long journey, indulge yourself with a bacon-wrapped meatloaf (HK$188) served alongside potato puree, crispy onion rings and a port wine sauce, combining a sweet and savory taste with a gorgeous crunch.

His Asian chicken salad (HK$108) is also a good choice. Served with crispy wontons, they add a crackling texture to the tender chicken.

Two of the chef’s favorite dishes are the crab cakes (HK$168) served with salsa verde and the salt and pepper chicken wings (HK$98). Both are moreish, offering a hint of spice and a tang of sweet and sour.

Open until 12.30am, the restaurant’s bar welcomes guests to enjoy a beer or cocktail. A must-try is The Jetsetter (HK$92), a mix of bourbon, gin, lime, bitters and ginger beer.

Once you pass through baggage screening, head for a new selection at the East Hall Food Court (South), Departures Level (L7).

If you are in a rush, pick up something from Gordon Ramsay Plane Food To Go. Ramsay’s restaurant offers a tempting array of British-style cuisine, catering to the busy traveler in need of a quality meal.

Inspired by the British chef’s Plane Food restaurant at London’s Heathrow airport, visitors can either dine-in or experience his new grab-and-go format, which offers a range of food options available fresh and made-to-order. Must-tries include the full English breakfast box (HK$85), California fried chicken burger (HK$88), smoked salmon open rye sandwich (HK$78) and chia seed pudding (HK$38).

Another grab-and-go option is Michelin-starred restaurant Duddell’s, where customers can choose from over 100 items, including dim sum, freshly steamed, roasted, and stir-fried dishes, as well as vegetarian options. The braised abalone rice (HK$228) includes the eatery’s supreme abalone sauce, while the rice is cooked with crushed scallions and scallops to add flavor.

Alongside regular Cantonese barbequed items with rice (from HK$118), Duddell’s also offers a roast goose (from HK$400) using the finest geese from Foshan, pre-marinated for two days. The whole roast goose is available in a travel-friendly box, making it a perfect souvenir.

The restaurant also offers a kid’s meal box (HK$88). Inside the airplane-shaped carton are steamed barbecued pork buns, truffle pork fried dumplings, spinach dumplings and fried noodles.

But if you have time for a quiet dine-in meal, Jardin de Jade at East Hall (North), Departures Level (L7) offers a view overlooking the airport apron and a creative menu.

One of their famous Shanghainese dishes, the house special braised pork (HK$168), is marinated in a unique sauce. Another must-have is the house special steamed juicy pork dumplings (HK$68), filled with succulent pork and wrapped in a delicate dough skin.

Other fine choices include the black barbecue pork (HK$88), sauteed pork with shrimps (HK$148), drunken chicken (HK$88) and a house special fried rice (HK$118) – all available with a cocktail or glass of wine from their selection (with extra charges) as part of a food pairing menu that offers a unique twist on the Jiangzhe dining experience.

(This article was published at The Standard on January 03, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Just the ticket! )

Just the ticket!

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