Soft power dressing

Expressing a sense of ease, Chloe’s summer 2020 collection refreshes the brand’s traditional designs with elements of romance and vigor.

In a trendy unisex style, the ready-to-wear series blends elegant silhouettes into men’s suit cuts through the extensive use of soft fabrics. Feminine touches on popular items such as striped pants, collarless jackets and silk blouses can be seen in the peak lapels, belted waists, tied cuffs and extended linings.

Pair the long-sleeved pleated silk blouse with a light crepon pleated skirt for a ladylike work look. Opt for the rose pink long-sleeved silk pleated dress, which comes with a front slit and knotted details, to get Chloe’s classic romantic look.

Soft tones such as apricot, black, navy blue, green, pink and purplish gray mimic the season’s warmth. Standing out from the bright colors, details such as the scoop neck of the rose pink silk blouse and the ruffles in the white pleated shirt are sure to catch the eye.

Jewelry is the key to adding a delicate touch – from crystal chokers and wooden chains to the signature metalwork cuffs and earrings. Other seasonal must-have accessories are the double strap platform sandals and buckled jodhpur ankle boots, while the new triple-handle Daria day bag and Darryl bucket hobo bag offer a bohemian vibe.

(This article was published at The Standard on March 27, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Soft power dressing )

200327 Soft power dressing

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