Suitable short stories

Women’s suits never go out of style. Whether a neat silhouette or oversized, they can be mixed and matched for spring and summer seasons. Some designers have paired them with shorts and feminine blouses for that stylish twist.

Valentino and Stella McCartney stand out from the competition, pairing their suits with see-through tops.

Valentino’s fuchsia light wool blazer and bermuda shorts, completed by a georgette top with bowknot detail, gives a mellow, yet elegant vibe.

Meanwhile, pairing a Stella McCartney Amanda tailored jacket and Alisha tailored skirt with a lace top can create a pleasant contrast and offer a dose of sex appeal.

Both Chloe and Sportmax match their suits with cut-out tops like the scoop-neck blouse and patchwork shirt in chiffon and faux leather. Look out for Chloe’s fresh design for its shorts, which features stylish detailing on the cuffs.

But don’t forget to add an accessory to that chic suits-and-shorts look. For example, Giuseppe Zanotti’s Harmony Cometa sandals with star crystal-embellished straps are sure to draw the eyes, while Boss’ monogram belt bag is a must-have for any fashionista. Or look out for Hermes’ first women’s In-The-Loop belt bag in Swift calfskin with its detachable belt that matches any style.

(This article was published at The Standard on May 8, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Suitable short stories )

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