Guilt-free parcels

Healthy eating has become a trend as a result of the pandemic. Even the festive rice dumpling has some guilt-free versions.

This year, Tsui Hang Village offers its new dried morel mushroom and Chinese herbs multigrain rice dumpling. The fiber-rich quinoa and Chinese herbs – huaishan and dangshen – help energize the lungs. Another must-try is the golden kumquat rice dumpling, made with candied kumquat and kumquat puree. Best served with homemade kumquat honey sauce, the dumpling is sticky and creamy with a punch of fruity flavor.

The duo combo (HK$178) is suitable for both vegetarians and the health-conscious.

Or enjoy the new flavors with two other traditional savory rice dumplings in the all-in-one rice dumpling quartet (HK$448).

Leung Yip-yuen, head chef at Tsui Hang Village’s Causeway Bay branch, recommends the Chinese ham, parma ham and peanut rice dumpling. “The dumpling is infused with the aroma of two different hams and the fatty pork belly makes it moist and flavorsome.”

Today is the last day to get up to a HK$100 discount on rice dumpling set vouchers at its branches in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Causeway Bay, or the Mira Dining online shop.

Kee Wah introduces a vegetarian rice dumpling: the ginkgo seed and lotus seed rice dumpling (HK$58). The lotus seed and ginkgo seed, which help reduce fat, are mixed with red quinoa, organic oats, taro and chestnuts for a rich flavor.

Another new flavor is a festive take on a Cantonese favorite: the braised duck leg meat with mandarin peel rice dumpling (HK$62). Braised with the house’s secret brine, the dumpling absorbs the meaty sauce, while the sweet and sour peel balances the oiliness.

Nine of the brand’s classic rice dumplings are also available, including the Chinese ham and supreme dried scallop rice dumpling with two yolks (HK$125), the Shanghai-style rice dumpling with Chinese ham and supreme dried scallops (HK$82), the Betty’s XO sauce rice dumpling with pork belly (HK$68) and red bean paste with mandarin peel rice dumpling (HK$52). Guests buying rice dumplings worth over HK$80 will receive a HK$20 cash voucher until June 25.

Looking for festive gifts? The Aureate Zongzi gift set (HK$388) by the newly opened Hotel Alexandra is worth considering.

The luxurious set contains an impressive array of delicacies, including South African abalone, Hokkaido dried scallops, 24-month Iberico ham, pork belly, sea cucumber, sakura ebi, shimeji mushroom and salted egg yolk. The dumplings are enriched with chestnuts, mung beans and red dates, which add fibrous nourishment to this traditional delight.

The visually stunning 628-gram gilded rice dumpling is good for three people to share.

At The Royal Garden hotel, more luxury gift options combining traditional Chinese festive treats and innovative fusion flavors are available via the hotel’s eShop or by calling Fine Foods Shop at 2733-2045.

Not to be missed items include the supreme black truffle and parma ham rice dumpling (HK$248), the Kagoshima pork and dried sakura shrimp rice dumpling (HK$248) and the Okinawa black sugar, sweet potato puree and black glutinous rice dumpling (HK$148).

Meanwhile, Sing Yin Cantonese Dining at W Hong Kong keeps it simple. It offers only two kinds: a savory glutinous rice dumpling with abalone, conpoy and Japanese matsutake (HK$298) and a sweet glutinous rice dumpling with red bean paste (HK$98). If you’re worried it will be too bland, you can spice it up with one of the rice dumpling and signature Sing Yin chili sauce combos (from HK$268).

(This article was published at The Standard on June 19, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Guilt-free parcels )

200619 Guilt-free parcels

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