A grand day out

Staycations have recently become a hit with travelers longing to get away for a few days, and as with any other holiday, packing is one of the most exciting parts of planning and going on a trip.

No trip would be complete without the requisite gear, and multiple brands, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Rimowa and Samsonite, have released user-friendly travel gear for this purpose.

Samsonite’s new Proxis series spinners offer remarkable strength, resilience and lightness. The outer shell is made from Roxkin, an exclusive multilayered material developed by Samsonite that bounces back into the original shape after being dented.

Other design details include a USB outlet that allows for easy charging of electronic devices. Customers can also choose three characters to monogram on the name tag, making your suitcase truly yours.

For those wishing to up the ante, Burberry and Louis Vuitton’s offerings are awash with monograms.

Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram collection welcomes the season with its new bold interlocking TB monogram, which is revamped in a larger scale print and a bold palette of dark beige, azure blue, graphite and cobalt blue with orange accents.

Primarily made using sustainable resources, the graphite large E-canvas Barrel bag is animated by the monogram print too.

Louis Vuitton, meanwhile, has brought a new look to its original soft Keepall Bandouliere travel bag.

A blurry khaki-colored camouflage motif complements the monogrammed men’s Keepall Bandouliere 50 bag, while the geometric pattern superimposed on the oversized motifs of the Keepall Bandouliere 45 bag for women gives a distinctly modern feel.

The Louis Vuitton monogram mirror backpack trunk is one of the fashion house’s most eye-catching travel accessories. Carry it either by the leather handle or as a backpack using its two detachable leather straps.

Inside the trunk is a monogrammed camping tent with a blue sky print and LV-shaped clouds on the interior, so you can enjoy the clear skies while lying in luxury and comfort. The mirror trunk also reflects sunlight so you can enjoy natural light in the tent.

(This article was published at The Standard on August 14, 2020: Weekend Glitz: A grand day out )

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