A slice of happiness

In these dark days, cake can always be counted on to provide sweet relief. We look at some slices of happiness on the market.

JW Marriott’s Dolce 88 has launched a sumptuous new cake collection, artfully crafted by executive pastry chef Kevin Chiu.

New offerings include the Sweet Potato Red Fruit (from HK$358), made with light vanilla mousse, sponge and sweet potato custard and complemented by fresh red fruit compote.

The beautiful Raspberry Chocolate Truffle (from HK$358) features raspberry dark chocolate mousse filling balanced with the tartness of the raspberry confit and curd.

A new twist on the classic lemon curd cake, the Jasmine Lemon (HK$588), with a hint of jasmine tea in the mousse cake, is light, yet indulgent. Decorated with a chocolate green apple, the Green Apple (HK$588) is a perfect melding of the pear champagne mousse and green apple yuzu filling.

Chiu has also put a creative spin on some classics. Caramel popcorn lovers will rejoice at Sweet Corn (from HK$338), with its delicately balanced flavors of vanilla caramel mousse and creamy sweet corn custard. With the velvety texture and richness of milk chocolate mousse scented with Earl Grey tea, the luscious Earl Grey Chocolate (from HK$358) delivers a zingy chocolate-orange flavor with the tangy blood orange compote.

Items can be ordered through JW Marriott Hotel’s website or by calling 2810-8366. A three day advance order is required.

If you are on a diet, The Cakery offers bespoke creations in 13 flavors. As always, it uses only good fat, organic and low gluten ingredients, as well as natural, instead of refined, sugars.

The extravagant six-inch Floral Unicorn (HK$1,985), decorated with fresh flower and sugar leaves and unicorn horn, comes in flavors such as Avocuddle, Pistachio and Thrilla Vanilla. Or opt for the Create My Own (from HK$450), a customizable cake with health conscious flavors such as organic and low gluten chocolate sponge cake and gluten free and vegan salted caramel sponge cake. Frosting options include gluten free cream cheese and vegan vanilla cream while decor choices range from fondant, fruit and flowers to nonedibles.

Fans of Little Twin Stars? Celebrity favorite Vive Cake Boutique at Central has launched an enchanting new collection featuring the lovable characters, Lala and Kiki, which is available until October 11. Wishing Upon a Star (from HK$780) is decorated with the bakery’s renowned buttercream, edible stardust pearls and Shooting Star homemade cookies. Delivery is free and a four day advance order is required.

With the pandemic easing up, Vive also welcomes diners to its new pastel shop, done up in Little Twin Stars style. Guests can dine on a Little Twin Stars afternoon tea set (from HK$270). Presented in a four-tier cake stand adorned with Kiki and Lala sitting on a crescent moon, the set features two Asian-inspired savory snacks, four traditional sweet delicacies and a Wishing Upon a Star mini cake.

(This article was published at The Standard on August 28, 2020: Weekend Glitz: A slice of happiness )

200828 A slice of happiness

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