Down to the wire

Anteprima’s autumn/winter 2020 collection takes true self and real happiness as its motivation and brings comfortable womenswear through fabric choices and tailoring and signature weaving techniques.

A palette of mainly neutrals is punched up with military green and maple red. The oversized silhouette is paired with tone-on-tone or bold pattern-on-pattern styles.

Soft natural fabrics, such as cashmere and wool, are used to ensure comfort and warmth, with the mix of textures adding volume.

A low-gauge cardigan stitch is used for the Show Lana dress, giving it a 3D shape designed for comfort.

The two-tones lines stand collar top and skirt explore stripes in diagonal, playful breaks with mismatched knits creating a voluminous silhouette.

The season’s looks are also refreshed with eye-catching accessories such as floral-embroidered snoods, oversized scarves and wrap belts.

(This article was published at The Standard on October 23, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Down to the wire )

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