Home for the holidays

Festive feasting with the family is difficult this year due to social distancing rules. But where there’s a will, there’s a way – as eateries around town offer delivery services for a delicious holiday at home.

City’super has set up everything in its one-stop Christmas market if you opt for a typical home-cooked turkey feast to surprise your guests.

Three Big Bird headliners (from HK$725) from the United States, Britain and France are all organic-fed and have a rich and succulent flavor and extra tenderness. The Urban Accents gourmet gobbler with turkey brine and rub kit (HK$155) will ensure the main event is a moist and juicy one, with a spiced brine blend completed with smoky peppercorn and herb rub.

Steak is a must for a meaty feast, which you can source from the supermarket’s wide range of cuts from the United States, UK, Australia and Japan. The most recommended delicacies are the flavorful US chilled long-term grain-fed Angus beef tomahawk rib-eye steak (from HK$950) and beautifully marbled US chilled prime black Angus beef rib eye (HK$1,010).

Christmas party sets (from HK$2,888) featuring meat, hot dishes and sashimi or sushi platters, drinks and desserts are also available if you feel too lazy to see to all the details.

At 208 Duecento Otto, two takeaway or delivery sharing sets (from HK$1,598) are mainstays of the many traditional meals shared and eaten by Italian gastronomes on the holiday.

They feature familiar dishes, including lasagna bolognese, black truffle ravioli stuffed with Mascarpone cheese, seafood linguine, black cod, one kilo of Tagliata rib eyes and tiramisu.

With a selection of add-on items such as traditional norcineria (from HK$138) and pizza (from HK$178), orders over HK$2,000 by December 20 via Jiaeverywhere’s website can enjoy a 10 percent discount.

If you don’t feel like a western feast, Yung’s Bistro has created the ultimate holiday menu for those who want to celebrate the occasion in an Asian way, featuring Yung Kee’s famous dishes. Orders are available via 2523-2343.

Available until January 1, the set for six (HK$3,800) includes the luxury abalone with celtuce and termite mushroom, the eatery’s signature and flavorful smoked baby chicken and pan-fried prawns, as well as the Instaworthy White Rabbit candies custard.

Grilling at home is one of the easiest ways for a party.

Swap the roasted bird for Ozaki wagyu this holiday season with Yakinikumafia’s signature grilled morsels at home, with a takeaway menu fit for two (HK$2,080) or four (HK$3,280).

The menu features fatty, medium and lean cuts and a full rib-eye from the restaurant’s premium selection. Accouterments include fresh Goma sesame salad, truffle salt edamame and a refreshing Yuzu IPA to help offset the well-marbled meat.

An Iwatani gas grill can also be included for an additional HK$600, which guests can keep afterward. Call 3015-1250 for more details.

The feast is not limited to lunch or dinner. The Cakery celebrates the holiday with a new vegan Christmas afternoon tea set (HK$598) for taking away in a bow-wrapped picnic basket.

Start with savory bites of vegan chickpea sandwich with homemade mayo and Impossible meatball with bell pepper puree.

Move on to the sweet baked goods, including snowman chocolate and Santa chocolate apple crumble cake, Chocolate Dreamers with coconut cream, pistachio, and Day Dreamer Cake, passion fruit tart made with almond flour, dairy-free cream, and soy milk, mini cupcakes, and sumptuous scones created with golden flaxseed meal and organic cane sugar.

Just want some small bites? The baker has also launched a new range of traditional Christmas baked goods, including a limited-edition cookie box (HK$398), cupcakes (from HK$45) and macarons (HK$30).

(This article was published at The Standard on December 18, 2020: Weekend Glitz: Home for the holidays )

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