Black-tie affair

Emporio Armani-loving parents will like the look of its autumn/winter junior collection.

Inspired by the silhouettes and materials from its adult range, Mini Me’s wardrobe looks grown up but is kid-friendly casual and sporty.

Girls can match their moms in bold print dresses and dainty outfits in denim or velvet with macro houndstooth or damier motifs in shades of pink, blue and black.

The most eye-catching print – quirky glasses against a pink backdrop – appears on a muslin dress, sweater, as well as the beanie and scarf.

Worn under a pink faux-fur coat, the muslin dress gives off princess-y vibes while keeping the little lady warm. The sweater, paired with flared oversized sweatpants, is perfect for active girls.

Blue, red and black are the color choices for the boys’ wardrobe, which is filled with comfortable and versatile bomber jackets, trousers, tracksuits and sweatshirts. Tape-style or all-over logos give the clothes a fun and modern look.

A velvet sweatshirt is the best choice for sporty boys, while fashionable little gentlemen can opt for more formal outfits paired with sweaters and leather shoes.

(This article was published at The Standard on January 22, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Black-tie affair)

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