Mulan steals a march

Shiatzy Chen Tsai-hsia, a designer specializing in taking inspiration from the Orient, has become increasingly adept at incorporating Western elements into her works.

Her spring/summer 2021 collection draws inspiration from legendary Chinese figure Mulan, who took her aged father’s place in the army by disguising herself as a man.

It expresses a contemporary woman’s style of clean-cut neutrality, independence, outspokenness and sex appeal.

A military shirt is paired with baggy joggers or big-pocket shorts; a one-piece swimsuit with cycling tights under a sheer long skirt is accessorized with thin tulle ties; and a leather belt and cotton corset inspired by horse-riding garments accents the waistline in various looks.

The army style not only dominates the collection’s silhouette but is also extended to its colors, prints and accessories.

A palette of olive green and khaki takes center stage, while black and white tones are interpreted with the brand’s original jacquard and hand-embroidered patterns.

Vibrant colors such as bright yellow, green, pink and fluorescent peach enliven a graffiti print representing hope and glory for the future.

To echo the theme, exclusive military-inspired prints, such as galloping horses, swords, birds and magnolias in bloom, are used on vests, dresses and tote bags.

Equestrian elements are also featured throughout – studs decorate hats and belts, while a scabbard ornament adorns the laser cut crew-length combat boots.

(This article was published at The Standard on March 5, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Mulan steals a march )

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