Above the fold

Origami-like folds often set clothes by Japanese designers apart. Like his mentor Yohji Yamamoto, Atsuro Tayama has also embraced dark tones and asymmetric cuts.

From the start, the palette of his eponymous brand has always been filled with cold tones such as black, gray and blue, along with unisex silhouettes that enhance the fashion house’s iconic soft avant-garde style.

For the spring/summer 2021 30th Anniversary collection, Tayama gathers the house’s signature elements, creating a wardrobe for all occasions.

Traditional Japanese origami techniques are used to create folds and pleats. Roses bloom from three-dimensional folds and, when paired with asymmetrical cuts, make for unique pieces such as a hand-folded floral shirt and skirt.

Delicate patchwork and floral-printed corsages scream summer while neutral blue and white tones are used to balance the masculine and feminine elements.

Also notable is a sporty military series, which blends the usual khaki green with other earth tones such as beige, ochre, brown and black.

While the series upholds the basis of sports elements such as tape and mesh details, baggy cuts and windbreaker material are matched with pleats and reversible arrangements to update the theme.

(This article was published at The Standard on May 28, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Above the fold )

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