Back to street style

Longchamp’s latest collaboration with Emotionally Unavailable is a pioneering move in the fashion industry – the particularly audacious collection turns Longchamp’s iconic look into a bold street style.

Longchamp’s creative director, Sophie Delafontaine, and EU’s cofounder, Edison Chen, also bring humor with the slogan: “Been a Champ a Long time.” The play on the brand’s name also reveals the collaboration’s inspiration – the mindset of the champion boxer who fights on even when he’s down, echoing an optimistic, dynamic attitude.

The line is featured on the nylon Le Pliage in four styles – a shoulder bag, a small tote, a mini backpack and a belt bag – while a travel bag is printed with an all-over pattern of the iconic red EU heart and Longchamp’s classic racehorse.

The highlight of the project goes to the Le Pliage Cuir bag, featuring a new boxing-style Longchamp logo printed over an EU bleeding heart. Also making a debut are a mini tote with a removable shoulder strap, a cardholder and a crossbody Nano with a heart and racehorse print, as well as a travel bag in supple black lambskin with adjustable straps.

The collaboration also features a ready-to-wear capsule containing a gray-marl hoodie, black sweatshirt and black and white t-shirts, all perfect for a casual and sporty style. There are also a number of limited boxing-inspired pieces, such as the boxing robe and shorts, as well as a leather top and pants.

(This article was published at The Standard on June 18, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Back to street style )

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