Kawaii in Hawaii

In Japan, the land of kawaii (cute) things, summer is often associated with Hawaiian holidays. To slake the thirst for travel, Japanese fashion house 45R’s summer wardrobe is filled with Hawaiian motifs.

The brand’s staple items come with lei prints this year. A symbol of love and friendship, the garlands can be seen on shirts, vests, shorts, dresses, skirts and furoshiki cloths.

If you can’t go to the beach, 45R brings the beach to you. New designs and patterns such as the unisex On The Beach hoodies and sailing hats are available for you to pretend you’re living it up on the shores of Waikiki.

The fashion house is known for its use of natural indigo dyes. This season, new indigo items in the form of shorts, midi skirts and culottes provide comfortable linen options for the warmer season.

Unisex items, including a Tencel Ray aloha in 908 ocean smock print, are in the limelight. They can be worn either as a long shirt dress for women or an Indian lungi for men.

(This article was published at The Standard on June 25, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Kawaii in Hawaii )

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