Married to the mob

Dining at Tokio Joe is an experience unlike that in any other sushi restaurant – especially after the 26-year-old eatery finishing its revamping.

Inspired by Japan in the 1950s and 60s and Ken Eto, also known as Tokyo Joe, a mobster who ran gambling operations for a crime syndicate, the restaurant’s vibe is a little wild and adventurous, thanks to the dim lights, wood prints and vintage decor.

A popular spot for sushi, sashimi, signature rolls and sake for more than two decades, Tokio Joe is now emphasizing omakase (from HK$1,100) in their usual unconventional way – a combination of plated dishes and nigiri. The atmosphere is less serious than usual, as the cheeky and speakeasy restaurant encourages guests to drink liberally, dance on tables and sing songs with the chefs at the end of the night.

An extensive a la carte menu of beloved dishes is also available.

One highlight is the grilled sea bass (HK$290) which is marinated for a day in saikyo miso, egg yolk, mirin and sugar before being grilled and topped with mayonnaise and shichimi for a hint of spice.

Another must-try is the spicy toro tartare (HK$320), an irresistible blend of chopped toro tuna with a spicy sauce that’s eaten in a lettuce wrap. It is the perfect companion for sake and cocktails.

(This article was published at The Standard on July 16, 2021: Weekend Glitz: Married to the mob )

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