Golden oldies

Gold has been a symbol of social status and wealth for the Chinese since it appeared in the Xia Dynasty. With the rise of pastoral nomadism, which brought metalworking to China, following the unification of China during the Qin and Han Dynasties, and then the end of the Bronze Age, gold gradually established its status … Continue reading Golden oldies

In good hands

Never quite sure what to order in a Japanese restaurant? Omakase (or "I'll leave it to you") ensures you're in the chef's good hands. The opening of Sushi Hakucho in Tsim Sha Tsui, which offers affordable Kyushu-style omakase, is a bright spot in the recent gloom. Bird Kingdom Group founder and CEO Eric Ting, said: … Continue reading In good hands

Black-tie affair

Emporio Armani-loving parents will like the look of its autumn/winter junior collection. Inspired by the silhouettes and materials from its adult range, Mini Me's wardrobe looks grown up but is kid-friendly casual and sporty. Girls can match their moms in bold print dresses and dainty outfits in denim or velvet with macro houndstooth or damier … Continue reading Black-tie affair

Big is beautiful

As we step into a post-5G era and soon embrace 6G, the Internet of Everything will become a prevalent trend, with users expecting better transmission efficiency and image quality.  With this in mind, big data imaging and wireless communications applications will be the research focus of the City University of Hong Kong's exciting new project … Continue reading Big is beautiful

Seize the day

Opening-hour restrictions have brought rare sunlight to the gloom in the restaurant sector, making brunch a popular choice in the city. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, 208 Duecento Otto in Sheung Wan has come up with a new menu - in particular, an authentic Italian weekend brunch (HK$498). The experience is enhanced by staff educated … Continue reading Seize the day

Fact-check service to fight false news

One worrying trend in the era of rapidly developing information technology is fake news flooding social media platforms and messaging apps. In September the World Health Organization published a statement on managing the Covid-19 infodemic - an overabundance of wrong information - and described it as harmful for physical and mental health. Raymond Li, dean … Continue reading Fact-check service to fight false news

Cantonese classics

After a Western feast-filled December, it's time to balance it out with authentic Cantonese food. At the two-Michelin-starred Ying Jee Club in Central, chef Siu Hin-chi pays tribute to vanishing Cantonese classics with an eight-course tasting menu (HK$880), showcasing technically-demanding delicacies popular between the 1930s and 1960s. Kicking off the nostalgic trip is the crispy … Continue reading Cantonese classics