Projecting with prints

A pioneer of harnessing motion in art, New Zealand artist Len Lye's visionary films are precursors of psychedelia - bold, optimistic, colorful, vivid and joyous. These ideas can be found in the Dries van Noten Spring Summer 2021 collection, which explores the boundary between reality and illusion through light and shadow. The collection plays with … Continue reading Projecting with prints

Plugging the dentistry gap

Serving one's community by becoming a doctor is not an easy dream for Hong Kong students to achieve. Limited by limited enrollments and a choice of just two medical schools and one school with a Chinese medicine program among Hong Kong's eight subsidized universities, many students are looking to accrue academic experience in the mainland. … Continue reading Plugging the dentistry gap

Chasing the sun

Despite the social unrest and Covid-19 pandemic, many galleries have worked hard to continue holding exhibitions. But with travel restrictions being strict, a new trend has emerged in the art market - works from gallery artists often had to be recurated and reexhibited. Though the downtime had also increased the presence of local artists, 3812 … Continue reading Chasing the sun

Yummy yakiniku

The social spectacle of sizzling oil and smoking meat has been sorely missed since the suspension on dining out. But now that the restrictions have been lifted slightly, yakiniku grills are being fired up again. Soon after the government loosened social-distancing restrictions, Yakiniku Jikon at K11 Musea - an offshoot of omakase kaiseki spot Tominokoji … Continue reading Yummy yakiniku

Cafe culture

Whether for a brunch gathering, quick lunch or quiet relaxation after office hours a cafe is always the easiest option. In the heart of Causeway Bay, The Alp - inspired by Nagano or the "Japanese Alps" - has a lodge-style design that has a comforting vibe. Specializing in brunch, the menu features some mainstream items … Continue reading Cafe culture

The art of communication

Dancing for healing and rites of passage, painting for contemplation and insight, drama for communication and enactment, music for relaxation and connection, or poetry for expression. Expressive arts are one of mankind's most important healing resources, and they play a significant role in health traditions and children's education. For students with language difficulties, the nonverbal … Continue reading The art of communication