Just painting the emotions

At the white cube-style Mine Project gallery in Wan Chai, the blazing colors of Tahnee Lonsdale's imposing or dinky paintings are so vibrant, they seem to be bursting out from the bright walls. Metaphorically, Lonsdale's works are windows into her emotions. By incorporating years of interpersonal experience into her works, she offers visitors a look … Continue reading Just painting the emotions

Come fly with me

Traveling has long been off the cards, and while people around the world are trying to create the atmosphere by exploring their locales or going on staycations, Korean artist Kim Yong Oh commemorated his travels with paintings created over the past year. Beginning his 723-day journey of 69 countries in 2017, Kim first set foot … Continue reading Come fly with me

Chasing the sun

Despite the social unrest and Covid-19 pandemic, many galleries have worked hard to continue holding exhibitions. But with travel restrictions being strict, a new trend has emerged in the art market - works from gallery artists often had to be recurated and reexhibited. Though the downtime had also increased the presence of local artists, 3812 … Continue reading Chasing the sun