Caught in a web

The works of Jim Hodges tell of the beauty, fragility and loss, but also care and love, he saw as a gay Roman Catholic living in the Aids war zone that was New York city in the 1980s. At his first exhibition in Asia, Love Power, at Massimo De Carlo in Central, which runs until … Continue reading Caught in a web

Listen to your heart

Bookcases reaching to the ceiling stand side by side in Pants Theatre Production's studio, located in an industrial building in Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan. They connect the studio entrance to the rehearsal room. The books belong to artistic director Wu Hoi-fai, and the play he is preparing to stage is also related to a book. … Continue reading Listen to your heart

Flower power

Readers might remember artist Lam Tian-xing from the Instant Reflection: Hong Kong Artists and Sketches exhibition at Sun Museum. This time, he is displaying a series of his Chinese ink quick sketches titled Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yunnan, done in the form of twisted, monochrome lines. The artworks combine the freehand charm of traditional Chinese ink … Continue reading Flower power