Golden oldies

Gold has been a symbol of social status and wealth for the Chinese since it appeared in the Xia Dynasty. With the rise of pastoral nomadism, which brought metalworking to China, following the unification of China during the Qin and Han Dynasties, and then the end of the Bronze Age, gold gradually established its status … Continue reading Golden oldies

Suitcase of memories

Opened suitcases. Static conveyor belts. X-ray machines with no luggage to pass through. Such images, created by artist Yin Xiuzhen, underscore the paralytic effect Covid-19 continues to have on the aviation industry. Beijing-born Yin is the first artist from the mainland to have a solo show commissioned by the Centre for Heritage, Art and Textiles. … Continue reading Suitcase of memories

Nosy parkers

With geometric shapes, clean and bright colors and a minimal aesthetic, Italian artist Valentina Loffredo's new project looks like her previous ones: visually relaxing and pleasing. But upon closer inspection, these multimedia works are a little creepy, with human noses (without the corresponding faces) that don't quite fit the scene. Titled Nosy, Loffredo's solo exhibition … Continue reading Nosy parkers

Infinite potential

Readers might remember Crafts on Peel's inaugural exhibition, which showed contemporary artists and traditional artisans getting together to create beautiful works. Equally knowledgeable but fun workshops, such as guangcai tableware painting and tea appreciation, also pleased audiences. The previous events were so comprehensive that it was hard to imagine how the non-profit could top that. … Continue reading Infinite potential