The magic of science

If you don't have any parent-child projects arranged for the long weekend and can't find anything fun to do at home, Croucher Science Week is the perfect activity to add to your schedule. An engaging festival that will make the holiday more exciting, the annual event, which holds shows, exploration, talks and workshops, was canceled … Continue reading The magic of science

Students take hike for charity

Army veteran Tom Moore, the redoubtable 100-year-old whose charity walks raised tens of millions of pounds for British hospitals, was a national symbol of pluck in a country ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. Although his passing not long ago was sad for many, his story has undoubtedly influenced and inspired many people, including here in … Continue reading Students take hike for charity

The art of communication

Dancing for healing and rites of passage, painting for contemplation and insight, drama for communication and enactment, music for relaxation and connection, or poetry for expression. Expressive arts are one of mankind's most important healing resources, and they play a significant role in health traditions and children's education. For students with language difficulties, the nonverbal … Continue reading The art of communication

How it all adds up

Mathematics is both a foundation and tool for all disciplines involving order and measurements, and helps develop analytical capabilities in our rapidly changing technological society. The field is an essential part of the government's recent efforts to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. However, the recently released International Mathematics and Science Study 2019 results … Continue reading How it all adds up

Big is beautiful

As we step into a post-5G era and soon embrace 6G, the Internet of Everything will become a prevalent trend, with users expecting better transmission efficiency and image quality.  With this in mind, big data imaging and wireless communications applications will be the research focus of the City University of Hong Kong's exciting new project … Continue reading Big is beautiful

Fact-check service to fight false news

One worrying trend in the era of rapidly developing information technology is fake news flooding social media platforms and messaging apps. In September the World Health Organization published a statement on managing the Covid-19 infodemic - an overabundance of wrong information - and described it as harmful for physical and mental health. Raymond Li, dean … Continue reading Fact-check service to fight false news