Mooning over tradition

Power packed

Cocktail cheer

Boogie nights

Starting a new chapter

Opposites attract

A slice of happiness

Eyeing a Nordic beauty

All set for lunch

Need for speed

Fire up the grill!

A grand day out

Happy hours with homies

Lockdown chow down

Sporting with the gods

Tea while it’s timely

Floral fantasies

A rare steak out

Flexible options

Green and clean

Hit the beach!

Packing heat

Sexy numbers

Basic instincts

Flirt with white shirts

Guilt-free parcels

Swanky new store

Manly meals for the big guy

Disco diva

Canto pop stars

Claw to the top

Sizzling in the 80s

Thirst quenchers

Flirts of fancy

Good things in small packages

Showing some shade

Yummies for mummies

Suitable short stories

Feast at leisure

A spin on Spain

From Europe with love

Easter edibles

Bag a classic

Soft power dressing

Straight to your doorstep

Slip into something more comfortable

Great outdoors

Flirting with femininity

Flair for drama

Raving over ramen

On the hippie trail

Muse of good taste

Change the script

Sweets for your sweetie

Natural resources

Sweetly seductive

Eat your way to prosperity

Sticking to tradition

New Year delights

Desert spring

Just the ticket!

The good and the plaid

Bountiful new year

Pint-sized partiers

Cheesy Christmas

Trimmings of comfort and joy

Hit the hot spots

Rhythm and blues

Cool season for crustacean

Gender benders

Feast of freshness

Alice in wonderland

Back to the bumbag

Heels and steels

Frightfully delightful feast

Poetry in motion

Slivers of pleasure

Sweet nostalgia

Blast from the past

Steak your claim

Express yourself

Eat up, Luvvie!

Sense and sensuality